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An Unexpected Gift For The Young Adult In Your Life: A Graduation Surprise

So, it’s that time of year again, graduation time!  Teenagers are becoming adults, leaving high school behind and getting ready to venture off to college.  College students are leaving the carefree years of college to begin their “real” lives and head into the working world. Many parents provide their...

Worth the Splurge

  USAA Magazine called Estate Planning the Number 2 “thing worth the splurge” in their article 5 Things Worth the Splurge (which can be found here:  In the article, USAA Magazine points out that there are multiple options for attempting to meet individual Estate Planning needs and goals,...

Unique Considerations

The basics of estate and business succession planning are the same for attorneys as for other professionals.  However, there are a few additional aspects that must be considered when a lawyer is planning their estate and business succession matters.   The planning concerns that apply to all individuals, such...

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