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NFA Gun Trusts – Get the Assistance of a Good Lawyer

NFA Gun Trusts – Get the Assistance of a Good Lawyer

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Issues related to firearms, especially those owned by private individuals, are often politically charged hot topics at the federal, state, and local levels. These issues can be even more complex when it comes to those items that are regulated under the NFA, or National Firearms Act. Possessing NFA items that are not registered to you in the NFA Registry is considered illegal, as is transferring NFA items if the transfer does not comply with the transfer rules of the NFA. An NFA gun trust is a kind of legal instrument that you can utilize for acquiring, controlling and regulating the possession, use and transfer of NFA items, weapons, destructive devices and suppressors for private ownership and use.

A gun trust lawyer can assist you in navigating through the intricate procedures and regulations of the National Firearms Act. A well drafted gun trust can also help you ensure that you and your successors, trustees, heirs and beneficiaries are in compliance with the NFA as well as those laws and regulations found under the Gun Control Act (which more broadly regulates firearms owners). In short, a qualified gun trust attorney can offer you legal advice and gun trust solutions that will meet your specialized needs as a client.

If you own a gun collection, an NFA regulated item(s), or in some cases even a single non NFA firearm, your current estate plan may be insufficient to meet your planning needs if it failed to include a purpose built gun trust that has been specially and specifically drafted for the possession and transfer of firearms. Typical estate plans will provide for strategies to help save on taxes, avoid probate, as well as designate beneficiaries, and determine the distribution of different assets. However, there are some assets that pose unique issues that should be addressed with extra care so that unintended consequences will be avoided. To be more specific, firearms are regulated under state and federal laws, and these regulations demand extra attention from a gun trust lawyer as you prepare and update your estate plan.

Gun collections can include weapons held for investment, used for self-defense, and/or sporting purposes. America’s long history related to firearms means that your collection might also include family heirlooms and antiques that are being passed down from one generation to another.

So, how can you make sure that your firearms are going to be transferred legally and as easily as possible to your loved ones once you pass on?

Well, this can be done through the creation of a revocable living gun trust to hold your collection of firearms. Through this, you can sustain your control and ownership of the entire collection while you’re alive, and at the same time a properly drafted gun trust can provide for the guns’ disposition to your intended beneficiaries in a safe and legal manner. During your lifetime, you can be the gun trust’s beneficiary and trustee and you can appoint the successor trustee(s) as well as remainder and lifetime beneficiaries. Since this is a revocable trust, you also have the freedom to revoke it or make some changes any time you want.

A gun trust is definitely an important estate planning tool that deserves your full attention and consideration. To ensure that you will be obtaining a legally valid and quality gun trust that will work to your advantage as well as your beneficiaries’, you should seek the counsel of a qualified gun trust attorney.

If you have questions about gun trusts, or would like the assistance of legal counsel to ensure that your gun trust is valid and provides the protection you and your loved ones need, contact The Law Office of Richard W. Hartman III, Attorney & Counselor at Law, PLLC today.

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